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For small parts that have parametric features on all sides. The arm, when situated in one location has spherical measurement volume depending on the arm size and will measure anything that it can reach. The arm, unlike the laser tracker, does not need line of sight to the object it is measuring; the probe of the arm simply needs to reach the surface that needs measuring.

The CMM arm can also be used to measure large parts that the laser tracker cannot get either visible access to or the SMR cannot fit in the required space. PFTS has used the arm to measure stator and rotor diameter while they are in place on the turbine generator. The process saves time and money for the hydroelectric customer. PFTS has also used the arm to measure surfaces of a horizontal bulb style unit where access to the surfaces is very tight.

PFTS has an 8 foot 6-axis arm and a 10 foot 7-axis arm; they have an 8 and 10 foot measurement volume, respectively. The 10 foot arm also has the ability to complete point cloud scan of the object it is measuring. The Laser Line Probe (LLP) attaches onto the end of the arm and with a side to side sweeping motion, the arm captures a point cloud scan of the object without any offsets.

If the customer has a solid model or a surface model of the part being measured, a color-coded CAD to Part analysis can be easily generated. This makes analyzing the part very simple as the customer can view the 3D color coded model and visually see where the part is differing from the CAD model.

If a customer is looking to Reverse Engineer (RE) an existing part, the point cloud scan can be given to the customer as a deliverable with viewer software. With the viewer software, the customer can extract dimensions, cross-sections, angles, etc from the point cloud model so that a surface or solid model can be created.

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